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An elevated but friendly retail experience

No matter who you are, you are welcome here. Everyone deserves to shop in a clean and organized establishment. We promise to serve you with integrity and the utmost professionalism every time you walk through our door.

Products for every budget

From House to Top Shelf

We work hard to make sure our selection has a low, mid, and top range for most of our product types. Whether you need a quick gram or the highest quality flower on the market, we are here to recommend the best products for your individualized needs.

Breaking the mold

Reinventing the dispensary

Diamond Cannabis, owned by Carrie and partner, opened its doors in 2017 with a mission to transform the industry.  Carrie grew up in Southern Oregon, left for college and returned. After working in various local business roles she jumped at the opportunity to apply her business, wine and tourism experience to the cannabis industry.

For Carrie, creating the retail space was a labor of love.  She was adamant about the design of the store down to the smallest detail. She hired and trained a team with a focus on top-notch customer service. The products that filled the beautiful glass cases were all hand-curated and selected for their reputation and quality.

Today, she holds the store to the highest standards in order to offer a customer experience where everyone feels comfortable, no matter their prior experience with cannabis.  Carrie is a committed member of the community with a focus on fostering relationships and supporting its growth.

“I am proud to be a part of this industry as we grow toward normalizing Cannabis across the US.”

– Carrie, Owner