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A cut above the rest.

Our dedication to accessibility and community shines through everything we do, ensuring that the Diamond experience is never out of reach. Here, every guest is valued, every visit is significant, and we strive to be a pillar of excellence—a cut above the rest—in every interaction.

Products for every budget

From House to Top Shelf

We make sure to have something for everyone, from affordable to premium products across our range. Whether you’re after a small amount or the top-shelf flower, we’re here to help you pick the best options for what you need.

Breaking the mold

Reinventing the dispensary

Owned and operated by Carrie Boltz and partner, Diamond Cannabis opened in 2017 with a mission to transform the industry and ingrain itself in the community. Carrie grew up in Southern Oregon before moving for college, where she learned everything there is to know about business. It was here that she realized she had an opportunity of a lifetime; to apply her business, wine and tourism knowledge to the cannabis industry and return to her hometown.

From there, Carrie dove headfirst to create a retail space with details in mind. She hired and trained a team, focusing on the top-notch customer service you experience today. The products that fill the beautiful glass cases were all hand-curated and selected for their reputation and quality.

As it stands today, Diamond embodies the spirit of Grants Pass, with a deep commitment to health, wellness, and the well-being of generations to come. Whether you’re a local looking for relief, a tourist seeking to enhance your journey, or even a “soccer mom” in need of wellness support, we’re here with open arms and expert advice. We’re all part of this tapestry, and Diamond Cannabis is here to serve each one with respect, integrity, and a personal touch.

“I’m proud to be part of the movement making Cannabis a normal, accepted part of life everywhere in the U.S.”

– Carrie, Owner